Why trust Letting People with managing my Rental Investment?

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While there is much to consider in managing your Rental privately or letting it through an Agent (that's us) here are the main things any owner should consider:

1. Rental Management is time consuming and fraught with legal challenges.

2. Creating a balanced, effective and legally complaint lease is a job for the experts.

3. Many tenants with adverse credit ratings and bad rental payment records will actively look to rent privately as they know agents will pick up any issues as well as hold them to the letter of the law, while they can push their luck with a private landlord.

4. Answering calls and creating solutions about leaky taps, tripped power and burst geysers can be a real pain while you enjoy your hard-earned holiday!

When you choose Letting People, you are choosing a company focused on the Rental Solution you want. You have access to our tried and tested legal paperwork, as well as our stringent background checks, processes, and hard-earned experience which dramatically reduces the likelihood of signing a delinquent tenant. Letting People is about understanding what each client needs. There are no broad strokes. We know trusting us with your property is a big deal, and we strive to always go above and beyond.

Let us impress you!

Author: Nikita Lotter

Submitted 28 Jun 19 / Views 487