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Whether you are a first-time renter or a long-time tenant, maintenance emergencies will happen, and unfamiliar issues can cause panic. Most are easily solved with a little bit of head-scratching or a quick Google search, others are not.

When renting through a reputable agency, specifically Letting People (wink wink) the first thing you need to be sure of is who manages the rental, the agency or the landlord directly. You are obligated to report the issue to the managing party, even if it was resolved. Please remember this, the reason is that it may be part of a larger issue that can cause costly damage in the future.

The most common emergency is a burst geyser. You will know because there is water pouring out somewhere, either outside from an overflow pipe or through your ceiling! You will also have no hot water.

Follow these steps:

Switch off the geyser isolator switch on the electrical distribution board. It should be marked, if unsure switch of the main isolator - big green switch to the down position.

Turn off the main water supply at the water mains. This tap is normally outside your kitchen, close to a drain. Another option is in the ground with a lid over it near the water mains inside the property.

Phone your letting agency asap to advise them that the geyser has burst. - 011 766 1000 - for Letting People, including after hours.

Send an email to to log the call.

Inspect ceilings, walls, carpets etc for resultant damage due to the burst geyser. Capture all damages by photo and include in the email.

The main thing to remember is when reporting any sort of issue, be it a broken window, leaky toilet or burst geyser; is to communicate directly with the correct person and give as much relevant info and as many pictures as needed. You may not be responsible for the damage, but you are responsible to report it correctly and quickly.

Happy Renting!

Author: Nikita Lotter

Submitted 10 Sep 19 / Views 1108