Tips for Moving Day

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Moving day is one of those endless yet over in a blur days. We deal with people getting ready to move every month. Here are a few tips they have shared.

Keep your schedule flexible, expectation is everything and nothing upsets your expectation of a good move than being too rigid in how you think and feel it should go.

Prepare your car for the move, clean out, make space and remove all valuables.

Clear the walkways, driveways and parking spaces, take risks on the dancefloor on Saturday night, not on your moving day.

Remember food and drinks for you and your friends and family that WILL BE helping! This is not for the bring and braai later, just to keep your energy levels up.

Take good care of your movers, don't let them move in... NO that is not what I meant, just take care of them for the day as they will take care of your belongings.

Happy Moving!

Author: Mandy Huges

Submitted 25 Jun 19 / Views 408