The Life of a Rental Agent

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In my early, younger years I was privileged to start at the very bottom with a well-known Real Estate Company. I soon needed more stimulation and asked colleagues if I could assist, with anything; typing, answering calls for the rental agents etc.

It wasn't long and I was noticed and given my own Rental Agent position. My responsibilities and success were soon recognized and advancement as well as awards flowed my way.

I have always enjoyed meeting new people, understanding their needs, taking them to view properties and the satisfaction of finding the 'right fit' home for each person, couple or family unit.

For me the following are imperative in the Rental Industry;

Listen and hear your client's needs.

People do business with people, not businesses.

Solve your clients challenge or problem and you have a client for life.

After many years I am still in the Rental Industry and loving each day, as they say, "What does it matter what you do if it brings you joy?"

Author: Joyce Venter

Submitted 09 Jul 19 / Views 374