Renting with Pets

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These days pet friendly complexes are becoming harder to find, and when you do, there are strict rules and requirements. We at Letting People are pet lovers and thought to share a few pointers to help you navigate the process;

Check with your Rental Agent about the pet policy in the complex and insist on seeing a copy of the Body Corporate Rules so that you are correctly informed.

Pay special attention to the size restrictions for pets, the Body Corporate is entitled to force you to move or not have the pet on the premises if the rules are not adhered too.

Have your pets vet card handy- with all their inoculations up to date - you will need to submit this with a picture of your pet and other details in order to have them registered with the Body Corporate.

Be prepared to potentially Microchip your pet, if they aren't already- this is quickly becoming a pre-requisite.

Take careful note of areas within the complex where dogs are allowed and make sure to stick to them to avoid complaints.

And yes, reptiles, birds, bunnies etc do count, so don't forget to mention them to your Rental Agent in case special permission is needed.

Pets enrich our lives and we are their whole life, make sure the relationship is protected and happy renting.

Author: Candice Lotter

Submitted 29 Jul 19 / Views 528