Making a Rental Property Home.

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There as so many benefits to renting, its cheaper, much cheaper that owning the same property. It's flexible, want a pool, just upgrade at the end of your lease. The complex, estate or area you currently living in looking a bit dodgy, move and upgrade.

One of the perceived negatives of renting is that a Rental Property cannot be a Home. While there are restrictions to what you can do in a To Let property there is plenty that can make your affordable and flexible rental property a home.

Invest in some stunning indoor plants. They immediately give a homey feel, are very healthy for you and the family and can be taken along when you move. Make a project of getting some inexpensive pots at Builders Warehouse and decorating them.

Arrange with the owner, in writing and via your rental agency, to paint one or two feature walls in the home. Going lighter or darker than the standard color has a dramatic effect. While you will have to restore the walls to the original color when you move it is inexpensive, especially if you keep some of the original paint. Remember to store paint tins upside down and mix well if they have been standing for a while.

Buy one or two stunning light fittings that you love, perhaps in the living area and the main bedroom. Keep the original fittings and ensure they are put back properly and are in good working area when you move. Again, get permission, via your rental agency from the owner.

With the current static and unsure property market it makes sense to rent. Invest the monthly savings and enjoy a rental property that is home!

Author: Jacques Erasmus

Submitted 09 Feb 19 / Views 2659