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We asked one of our long-time landlords and investors, Josh, to give us frank answers to the questions below.

Letting People manages rental properties for Josh in several areas. His To Let properties in Northcliff and Fairlands are in high demand. As an accomplished home rental market investor, his insights and opinion are pertinent to other rental property owners in the Northcliff area.

Why did you choose an agency over renting privately?

An agency offers me peace of mind knowing that they have the experience and know-how in vetting and placing the best possible tenant as well as not having to make time for viewings and dealing with all the extra admin a tenant demands.

What has been your experience with Letting People as your Rental Agency?

Working with Letting People has been a refreshing experience. They have placed quality tenants for me a few times now and I feel content knowing that their processes always have my best interests at heart.

What makes Letting People preferable to other Agencies?

Letting People is different in that they focus on the client relationship as well as the service of letting the property. They understand my needs and work with me in achieving that outcome. They offer a dedicated and top-quality service in an industry where there are lots of options and not a lot of good outcomes!

Your thoughts on the rental market in Northcliff?

Northcliff is home to me, having a good deal of personal experience in the area I can safely say that it is one of the most sought after and desirable locations. The rental market is great in Northcliff as demand is high and there are not many places to be had!

Why did you buy investment property in Northcliff?

The unit I let was one I stayed in myself. Once I moved it made sense to continue my relationship with Letting People and have this unit let with them as well. Having discussed the area and possibilities with the Listing Agent at Letting People I could see that it was a lucky and lucrative outcome for me!

Any other thoughts about Letting People?

Many people are nervous to use agents that aren't on every other billboard, I, however, have really been impressed with the personal interaction and dedication to quality of service from Letting People. They really know and understand the industry as well as what is needed to get the job done not only quickly but proficiently. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to let a unit, you won't have any regrets!

Thank you, Josh!

We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Author: Nikita Lotter

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