Create a small inspired garden.

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Gardening today must take into consideration the space that is available to us, the time we invest and if you are renting, you will logically measure these costs against the future and where you will be.

However, there are so many benefits to having a garden, improved mood, decreased stress and a sense of accomplishment. Creating in the sun grounds you, lowers your blood pressure and makes you happier and younger.

There are many ways to have a beautiful affordable and "moveable" garden. Use old crates or pallets to create tiered planters to maximise your space and to save money. Pinterest is always your friend when looking for ideas.

If you want a garden that is not time intensive, look at getting succulents and cacti. They are extremely hardy and can stand up to a little neglect. These are also cost-effective.

Certain plants- especially herbs- can keep insects away. For instance, Lavender and Peppermint help repel both mosquitoes and spiders. Plus, they smell amazing.

A small vegetable garden and a few herbs are a great way to start if you are unsure. Buy some lettuce and tomato seedlings, preferably organic, a small bag of compost and some potting soil and if you are crafty, you can convert an old wooden crate into a planter. You can always buy planters from roadside vendors. Some people plant directly into the packets of potting soil, making a small hole for each plant. Herbs like basil only need a small space to grow which makes it ideal.

It is so satisfying to watch something you planted grow and then enjoy it at your dinner table, try it.

Happy Gardening!

Author: Candice Lotter

Submitted 27 Aug 19 / Views 763